Become a Foster



You want to help save a life, you don’t want to adopt, but are happy to provide love, a warm bed, routine, love, a little basic training and trips to the vet and adoption events as needed. You also are okay with potential adopters coming to your home to meet the dog, and taking them to their homes as well. We pay the bills (leashes, collars, toys, food, vet bills, etc). We are ALWAYS in need of fosters!

To become a foster:

You can fill out our online foster application here

If you have any difficulties with the form, please email us.

Foster-To-Adopt (FTA)

Do you see a dog you like and are interested in adopting? This is a great way to get to know your potential forever dog and you are bringing the dog straight into its possible forever home, and that’s always a good thing. You get to foster the dog with the intention of adopting if the stars all align. If URR and the FTA decide it’s a match, you adopt the dog! If you decide the dog is not the right dog for you and your lifestyle, we understand, and you would continue to foster until we find his/her forever home.

To get the FTA process started:

1.  Complete our adoption application (online or download an application – link below)

2.  Submit your online application form or send us your completed application to

3.  You will receive a call or email from us within a week of submitting your application.

Please remember, we are an all volunteer organization so sometimes this process takes a little time. Your patience is appreciated. We are not a first come, first serve rescue, we are interested in matching pups with the right family.


Or you can download an MS Word Doc format of Underdog Railroad Rescue Adoption Application here.

These forms are not optimized for certain Android devices. If you have any difficulties downloading or accessing a form, please email us and we will send a form directly to you to fill out.

FAQs About Fostering to Adopt (FTA)

Are FTA families provided with similar support to regular foster families?

FTA families, and adoptive families, get support from URR. While you are fostering an Underdog, you are supplied with quality food, a leash, collar, id tag and harness. Your foster gets an initial vet check either in California before they arrive, or upon arrival in Portland. You are welcome to ask any questions, we are here to support you and give advice. We have a lot of experience with dogs who are just arriving, and likely have some advice for whatever situation you are facing.

How long is the “fostering” period, typically?

We like to complete the adoption within 2-3 weeks, but if you decide the dog is not the right forever fit for your family, you’d continue to foster until we find the dog their forever home.

How long would it be between an accepted application and the dog’s arrival?

It takes about a week for us to coordinate getting a dog here, with dogs usually arriving during the weekend. If the dog is healthy, they will likely make it up in a weeks time. If the dog has kennel cough, we will wait until they are healthy to bring them up. It keeps other dogs from getting sick, and will help make the transition to your home easier.